OK! - Media Week Awards

AMGV captured the special ceremony and delivered the video on the same evening.

The Media Week Awards celebrates the ever evolving world of advertising, the agencies and their clients work. Aiming to award the most imaginative, creative and effective campaigns, their awards are highly sought after.

See the media community gather for this annual event here.

Leica Camera AG - Bill Amberg

Filmed in the Bill Amberg Studio, the exclusive interview was captured for Leica Camera AG.

Known to many for his luxury interior designs in places such as the Savoy Hotel, The Shard and the Bulgari Hotel in Milan, Bill Amberg has found many ways to use leather in unexpected settings.

AMGV went behind the scenes to discover the inspiration behind the new Leica Bag by Bill Amberg. Filmed in secret before the product launch, see how his love for photography and passion for materials informed the design, feel and appearance of the bag.

View the exclusive interview here.

Visit the Bill Amberg Studio website here.

AMGV launches Press page

AMGV is proud to announce the new Press page. As we grow we have found the need to give a greater story about the videos we create.

Whether it is the glitzy catwalk, celebrity gatherings or luxury events, AMGV aims to open up the world we are in, to the viewers around the world.

Our Press page will allow us to tell the wider story and give you the information resources you need.